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Create a Text Line Reveal in Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2018)

Learn how to add a text animation to your title sequence.
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Creating animations within Premiere Pro can save a trip to After Effects. This, depending on the effect, can help improve the overall workflow. Today we are going to be going over a fun line reveal effect. This is a great way to create a title to show off a location.

How to Create a Text Line Reveal in Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2018)

Add the Line Animation

  1. Create a new sequence and drag in the footage you want to use for the effect.
  2. To create the line we are going to use the pen tool. To get a good line going, we need to have a grid to use.
  3. Go up to file->new->adjustment layer.
  4. Rename it to something that works, I used grid.
  5. Drag that new adjustment layer on to the sequence.
  6. Go to effects->video effects->Generate->Grid.
  7. Go up to the effect controls->Grid and change blending mode to “screen”.
  8. I lower the opacity just a little bit to make the grid slightly dimmer
  9. Bring the program monitor to full screen. To do this, click on the program monitor, and then click the ~ key.
  10. Select the pen tool, and then make the program monitor to full screen mode.
  11. Create a line along one of the grid lines. This will ensure you are creating a straight line.
  12. Move your graphics to the point where you want to animate it
  13. Go to your line graphic. Go up to Effect Controls->Shape. Go down to the scale, uncheck the box “Uniform Scale”. Adjust the horizontal scale to zero.
  14. Now click on the toggle animation button to the left of the “Horizontal Scale”. It looks like a stopwatch. This will create a keyframe.
  15. Move forward 10 or so key-frames. Bring the horizontal scale back up to 100%.
  16. To make it a little more fluid, go to the right keyframe, right click on it, go down to spatial interpolation, and change it to ease in.

Add the Text Animation

  1. To add the text, go to the text tool and click where you want to type the text.
  2. Write out whatever text you want and chose a font that works with your style.
  3. Now go up to the effect controls for the text, go down to the Opacity.
  4. Create a rectangle mask. (The square beneath the Opacity
  5. Go down and click on invert mask.
  6. Make the mask’s top edge fit along the line you have created
  7. Make sure it is tall enough to capture the entire text when it passes under the line.
  8. Go down to the Text position in Effect Controls. Go to the position.
  9. Move to the spot on the timeline where the line finishes animating
  10. Move the text beneath the line and click on the stopwatch next to the position.
  11. Move forward about 10 or so frames and bring the position above the line.
  12. You can right click on the key-frames and go to spatial interpolation->ease in/ease out to make the effect feel more fluid.

And that is how it is done. Not too difficult once you know how it’s done, and it can create a really fun effect for you to use in your project.

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  • Eric says:

    Love your video but have a few problems with mine. For one the graphic seems to have a blue box that surrounds the whole screen and not just as a bounding box like around your line shape. Secondly, how do we modify the thickness of the line?

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