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How to Add Grids and Guides in Premiere Pro CC

Learn to add grids and guides in Premiere Pro CC.
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If you have used After Effects or Photoshop, you may be familiar with the grids and guides in these two programs. These are great features to help align everything within your production. Premiere Pro however doesn’t come with these features for one reason or another. Today I am going to show you how to add grids and guides in Premiere Pro CC.

How to Add Grids and Guides in Premiere Pro CC

  1. Create a sequence with your footage in it.
  2. Go to the point where you want to add in your grid.
  3. Go up to file->new->transparent video.
  4. Find the transparent video where your other footage is. Drag it on to the timeline.
  5. Go to effects and find the “grid” effect. Drag this effect on to the transparent video.
  6. You now have a grid over your footage. Go to effect controls to adjust the grid.
  7. Change the Size From to “Width & Height Sliders” to have more fine control over the grid.
  8. Go to opacity and lower it down to help make the foreground a little easier to see.
  9. Now you can use the grid to base your effects or text off.

There you have it. Although this feature isn’t built in, with just a little creativity you can add in your own grids to guide your work.

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  • Barry McGovern says:

    Hi There, I added a comment on the youtube page but this may be better! Can you add a grid which accounts for lens distortion? I have GoPro clips that I need to add a grid to in order to calculate dolphins’ swim speed, but a standard grid would give me inaccurate calculations at the edges of the shot. Thanks!

  • Mia says:

    I would have like to see a few words on how to create the standard 3×3 grid that is used in film and video with the correct measurements both for lower-thirds graphics and composition.

    I approached it by turning on the safe margins in the program monitor and then aligning the grid to it but I’m not sure if that’s the most accurate way to go about it.

    Thanks for the video nevertheless!

  • Michael Linder says:

    Wow! Thanks for the workaround, Barry, but this must be the only Adobe imaging product that doesn’t come with guides and rulers. What were they thinking? (I think I just answered my own question — they weren’t!)

  • Alti says:

    Please, could I use the Premiere to select a specific frame, then, from the selected frame take measurements in pixels or millimeters or any other unit?
    Today I must select the frame from a movie editor, export it as an image, then I use the GIMP for measuring the subjects I need from the image.
    Thank you for any help

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