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3 Important Things for New Filmmakers

Learn 3 Important Things for New Filmmakers
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Amateur filmmakers who are just breaking into the scene and getting involved in the industry often get overwhelmed. Different departments, tons of gear, and human talent all coming together to bring stories to life under the vision of one director. It is easy to be dazzled by all the wonders of cinema and forget the important things, which is why here we will talk about three things new filmmakers tend to overlook.

3 Important Things for New Filmmakers

Lenses over lighting

When faced with the inevitable fact that every filmmaker should own at least some gear to shoot things independently, many people think lights take priority over other cinematography equipment.

While the importance of good lighting cannot be underestimated, it is also true that a good kit of lenses can really make the difference when trying to achieve a particular look on a project. Lenses are more versatile and can do more for the visual identity of your film if you have a clear vision and know how to use them.

Lights are obviously important, but you can solve situations requiring specific lighting much easier than scenes requiring a particular look that is only achievable with the right lenses. Wider lenses can help you in low-light situations indoors, where you can also use cheap can lights that won’t kill your budget.

Stories that work over stories that get views

It is easy to lose perspective on what truly matters as a filmmaker, and even more so in the world of social media today. Artists crave recognition from the audience and their peers by nature, but platforms like YouTube can quickly turn craftsmanship into a popularity contest.

Although there is nothing wrong with wanting a presence in social media, trying to please a certain audience can make filmmakers lose sight of their development as storytellers. Learning how to tell a story properly should take priority over putting out something that gets lots of views.

Yes, it sounds like the argument of a purist, but there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to marry both things if what you want is to pursue a career in digital media. You can both tell a good story in your own voice that also fits the type of content your audience likes. Balance is the key.

Audio, audio, audio

Film is inherently an audiovisual medium, and as such, sound shouldn’t be neglected in any project. More often than not, people pay way too much attention to image and take the audio recording quality and technique for granted.

Audio is just as important as image in a film, and novice filmmakers should learn how to capture audio on set properly. Moreover, they should make sure their scenes are set up in such a way that quality audio recording is possible throughout the shooting.

On the editing room, newcomers should always pay attention to the audio sync and mixing on the final project, making sure everything is set to the proper levels and that the overall film is understandable and enjoyable thanks to the silent presence of perfect sound.

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