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3 Methods to Raise Money for a Film

Learn 3 methods to Raise Money for a film.
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Funding your first short film or audiovisual project can be a real challenge for amateur filmmakers. Not everyone specializes in production, but everyone is concerned with having enough money to secure the costs of the film. This is why knowing how to raise money and make people engage with your vision is a fundamental part of the pre-production process. In most cases, when the project includes some ambitious features, there is no film without money.

Nowadays, there are more and more ways to get funding for your film. It is not necessary to max out your own credit cards or go into huge debt to make your movie. Here are some of the ways in which you can raise money for your next project:

3 Methods to Raise Money for a Film


Crowdfunding has turned into one of the most popular ways to raise money for any cause. For many independent and first-time filmmakers, platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo have become the most valuable resource to get financing. Anyone who sees the vision can donate money to see it be made.

The most appealing aspect of this business model is that artists don’t ask for money for free. Instead, you can set up your own rewards for different tiers of supporters, making it so that they all get something in return for helping make your vision come true. This also helps filmmakers move forward with distribution and promotion since most of the materials offered as rewards are of this sort.


Another great way to obtain some direct or indirect financial aid to make your dream a reality is through sponsorships from different entities. Depending on your needs, you might knock the door of companies, local businesses, and even specialized brands of equipment you want to use for your film.

For example, if your project will be commercialized, you might be able to negotiate the use of specific locations for free as long as you clearly feature them in the movie. Think of it as a form of product placement, like coca-cola, or an apple product.

Film grants

Film grants are basically private funds whose sole purpose is to give money to projects in need of resources. Many different organizations, companies, and institutions set up grants for different types of films. Usually, these are also tied to different conditions such as the theme of the project, the place where the shooting takes place, or the stage of the production to which funding will go.

With that many conditions, it also means that the grants winning process first goes through a selection stage. Many candidates may apply, and generally there are deadlines to meet to submit applications. So always be on the lookout for new content. It should also be said that some grants do not release the total sum in a single installment, an important fact for filmmakers who need to make payments in advance.

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