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3D Text in Premiere Pro CC

Learn how to Create 3D Text in Premiere Pro
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Adding 3D text is a fun way to add some motion to your text. With After Effects, it’s simple, turn on 3D properties and you are good to go. Sadly Premiere Pro does not have this ability out of the box. However, with a little clever use of the tools provided with Premiere Pro, we can create a 3D effect that we can manipulate. Today I show you how to create 3D text in Premiere Pro CC.

3D Text in Premiere Pro CC

Create Text

  1. First create a sequence and drag your footage into the sequence.
  2. Go to the text tool and click anywhere on your footage. Note: Click, not drag with this tool. Dragging will create a stationary box, while clicking will create a box that grows with your text.
  3. Type our your text. Open up the essential graphics panel. Here you can manipulate size and color.

Make the Text 3D

  1. Go to effects and find the “Basic 3D” effect. Drag this effect onto the text layer.
  2. Now go to effects and find “drop shadow” and drag this onto the text layer as well.
  3. Navigate to the effect controls of the text layer.
  4. Notice how with basic 3D you can move the text layer around like it’s 3D. However, the object is 2D, and has no depth.

Add Depth to 3D Text

  1. First go to basic 3D. Start your text facing one direction. Click the stop watch to start an animation.
  2. Move the text to the other direction over a set time.
  3. Now go to your drop shadow layer. Add some distance to it to push the shadow away from the text. Now move the angle so it is off the corner of the text.
  4. Animate it so that it moves from one corner to the next, in line with the basic 3D animation.
  5. Duplicate the shadow multiple times. Each new layer should go beneath the previous layer. Each new layer’s distance should be double the previous layer. So 1:1, 2:2, 3:4, 4:8, 5:16, 6:32.

Your text should now have a depth with it and look 3D. You can change up this animation to move the text in all sorts of ways. If you need something really advanced, I might recommend checking out After Effects, which will make it much easier, and all with one click!

Thanks for watching, if you have any questions, leave them in the comments, or on the video itself!

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