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4 Things all Filmmakers can Learn from Home

Learn about 4 Things all Filmmakers can Learn from Home
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Filmmakers are some of the most ambitious and driven people you’ll ever meet. Both amateurs and professionals of this art are always striving to learn new things, get better at what they do, and stay on top of all the developments of the industry. As such, all of our free time is spent either working on passion projects or delving into the latest thing that picked our interest. Many of us don’t need more items to add to that list, but here we have 4 more things that all filmmakers can tackle during their free time.

Create DIY gear and tools

Quite frequently, we come up with an idea for a shot and we have no way of executing it without proper gear. How many times have you said you’ll get around making that DIY piece of gear that could save your next shoot? Your free time at home could be better spent looking at ways to create the different tools that are missing from your professional arsenal. Plenty of websites, YouTube channels, and other platforms show you step-by-step processes, so it’s just a matter of finding the one you need and get to work!

Test and play with free software

Other than the tools that you usually work with, there are lots of new and free software and apps coming out all the time. If you have some free time, why not give them a try and see how they work? Learning how to use new software is not only a great way to stay up to date, but also a way to find out alternatives that might work better or are easier to use under certain circumstances. Some amazing software like Blender and DaVinci Resolve are free to download and use, and definitely worth your while.

Learn new tips and tricks with specialists and experts

Online resources abound nowadays, no matter where you look. There are options for everyone, from paid lessons and lectures with renowned filmmakers to free tutorials in websites and YouTube channels. Some podcasts offer an insider perspective of the film industry, or guide you through the process of writing a screenplay all the way up to making a pitch to a studio. Paid platforms like Masterclass have lessons on filmmaking with famous actors and directors, while others like Coursera offer free courses on screenwriting and creative writing. YouTube, as always, is also a great free resource.

Catch up with film and TV shows

Of course, all work and no play would make a dull boy out of anyone. Recreation and leisure are also formative in filmmaking, for watching more movies makes us more resourceful when it comes to making our own. Catching up with your watch list of films and TV shows will always be a great use of free time. You can make it a “mission” of sorts if you wish to have more knowledge and experience in a certain film genre, and keep track of the films you have watched and want to watch in social platforms like Letterboxd.

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