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4 Tips to Shoot Easy And Affordable Product Videos

Learn about 4 Tips to Shoot Easy And Affordable Product Videos
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Commercials and product presentations are some of the most on-demand video formats nowadays due to the sheer amount of publicity we consume on a regular basis. While many of these products are professionally advertised through campaigns on different media, amateur filmmakers can also hone their skills to tackle this sort of challenge. Here we share some insight in the form of 4 tips to help you achieve high-quality results on a budget when shooting product videos.

Find a location that works in your favor

Getting a good location is the first key to unlocking the potential of a great commercial video. Depending on your intentions, your location can serve to highlight some aspects of your product, make it the center of attention, or put together a production centered on a theme. Some of the simplest approaches yield the most effective results, such as a product videos shot on entirely black or entirely white backgrounds. The extreme opposite can work just as well, using backgrounds filled with elements of a certain color, or a wild set decoration that complements your product based on brand identity, for example.

Be mindful of your camera placement and movement

Visuals will be the sole selling point when it comes to photography and video, so you want to make sure they are on point for every project of this nature. In general, you want your camera to capture the best angles of the product, and that includes placing your camera at different heights and covering different movements. It is generally recommended to shoot a bit lower than product level so it looks bigger on screen, although covering different angles and keeping that same size perception involves closing in on the product and making sure there are no interfering elements.

Use a creative but effective light setup

Product lighting can be quite basic, which makes things easier for visual artists and professionals when trying to achieve a good look on set pictures and video. A large, soft key light that floods the set from above can be a great starting point. A hard back light for highlighting product contours at an angle can add a nice touch depending on the angle. Adding a color gel filter that matches the color of the brand logo or contrasts with the product itself can also be an effective technique to get a more engaging result.

Add elements that are visually interesting

Lastly, introducing elements that are visually interesting on camera can be a great way to really add that extra touch that is missing from your visuals to make them pop. Different textures can help a lot by means of adding fog, paint, powder, or even glitter. You can get creative too with in-camera effects, using filters and lenses that distort or add effects to your image that could otherwise be added only in post. Think of prisms, ashtrays, and other reflective objects through which you can shoot your shot and see what results you get. At the very least, you get some cool b-roll shots that can be used as transitions or inserts between shots; enough to make you stand out from the crowd.

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