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Create a Countdown in Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2018)

Learn to Create a Countdown in Premiere Pro CC.
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A countdown is a great way to help show the passage of time. It can be used in sports videos, a compilation video, or really anything that is time dependent. Sadly this necessary feature isn’t as straight forward as some of the other effects. So today, I am going to show you How to Create a Countdown in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

How to Create a Countdown in Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2018)

  1. Create a transparent video by going up to file->new transparent video.
  2. Drag the transparent video on to the timeline, adjust length to desired length.
  3. Go to Effects, grab “Timecode”, drag and drop onto transparent video.
  4. Go up to effect controls. From the Timecode controls lower the opacity down to 0.
  5. Turn off field symbol with the checkbox.
  6. Go to Timecode source –set to generate.
  7. Go to time display set to default which in my case is 24. (if you do change, make sure it matches your sequence settings or your time will be off)
  8. We only want to see minutes and seconds
    1. Create mask on time code and use it to cut the sides off OR
    2. Search for crop effect and drag over, adjust left crop to and right crop to cut the right and left side off.
  9. Now we need to reverse the timer to make it a countdown.
  10. Right click on the transparent video and go to “nest”. This will create it’s own sequence.
  11. Now right click on the new nested sequence, go to speed duration, and click the “reverse speed” button.
  12. To adjust the color of text –go to effects, click on tint, drag it onto the nested sequence, then you will be able to change color
  13. If you’d like to adjust the time (where it starts) drag footage out longer, or use the offset in the timecode.

There you have it, that is how you create a countdown in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. With just a few effects and a little cropping we can create a countdown that should work for any scenario.

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  • Wayne Franklin says:

    These instructions make no sense. When instructing on how to reverse the timing, you say to do so on the adjustment layer. One, this is the first time an adjustment layer is mentioned. Two, you can’t apply speed changes to adjustment layers. Three, when I attempt to apply a speed change to the transparent video layer, those options are greyed out.

    • AdobeMasters says:

      Hey there Wayne, you are right. The instructions above are a bit off. I’m going to go through and make sure they are correct and update them. In the mean time, check out the attached video. I think around 3:40 will help you out!

  • Huffy Puffy says:

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge it helped me.

  • Sharon says:

    When I scale up the size of the timer, it becomes pixelated. What am I doing wrong?

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