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Create Heat Waves in Premiere Pro CC (2018)

Learn how to Create Heat Waves in Premiere Pro CC

Heat waves are a great way to get across to your audience that it is hot out. They are a natural occurrence that are a symbol of summer and tropical location. For this reason, it is often beneficial to re-create the heat waves in post production. In this tutorial I will show you how to create Heat Waves in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

How To Create Heat Waves in Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2018)

Setup Sequence

  1. Create a new sequence by clicking on File -> New Sequence
    • Click ok and drag in your footage
    • Cut it down to where you’d like
  1. Once your footage is ready, add color correction, contrast, warm up temperature, etc…
  2. On the left hand side, click on the double right arrow and click on Effects
    • Search for the “Turbulent Displace” effect (located under Video Effects and Distort)
    • Click on “Turbulent Displace” and drag it onto your footage

Use Turbulent Displacement

  1. Adjust the “Turbulent Displace” effect (note, the effect starts out very aggressive which is good for emulating it is very hot day/trippy wash)
    • Click on your Sequence, under Effect Controls, click on “Turbulent Displace”
      • Click on the the Displacement Setting and change it to “Turbulent Smoother” (this will make the footage smoother on the edges)
    • Next to Amount, set to your preference (footage will seem a little displaced – example set amount to 8)
    • Go to Size, adjust to your preference (creating bubbles and bending – example set size to 49)
    • Beside Offset, click on the stopwatch icon to toggle animation and go to the end of your footage
      •  Adjust the second number (creating waves going up and displacing the background – example set offset to 1130)
  2. This effect will need rendering
    • Click enter key (it will render fames and then you will be able to view afterwards)
    • Note: if you make any further changes, you will need to render out again

Animate the Mask

  1. Sometimes you will want to Animate a Mask for the effect
    • Under Effect Controls, click on Turbulent Displace
    • Underneath, click on the square icon to create a 4-point polygon mask
    • Drag the corners of the square (for this example drag top left corner of square to top left corner, drag the top right corner of square to the top right corner, and drag the bottom line in line with bushes)
    • Under Effect Controls, next to Mask Feather, adjust to your preference (example set to 71)
    • Next to Mask Path, click on the stopwatch icon to toggle (this step is important, if not completed your changes won’t save)
  2. Now that the animation toggle is on for the Mask Path
    • Move to the end of your footage
    • Click on Mask (1)
    • Animate downwards by dragging the bottom line down in your footage (example drags bottom line downwards in line with bushes)
    • Toggle one more time to render out

There you have it! That is how you create heat waves in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

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