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Creating a Storybook Drawing Effect in Adobe Premiere Pro

Do you want to add a captivating storybook drawing effect to your videos? In this tutorial by Adobe Masters, we’ll guide you through the process of creating an animated drawing effect that can make any subject look like it’s been sketched by hand. It’s a fun and creative way to bring a touch of whimsy to your video content.

Create a Draw Effect in Adobe Premiere Pro

Getting Started

  1. Importing Footage: Start by importing your video footage into Adobe Premiere Pro.
  2. Creating the Base: Duplicate your imported footage by holding the Alt key (Option key on Mac) and dragging it upwards. This duplicate will serve as the base for your drawing effect.
  3. Applying the “Find Edges” Effect: Search for the “Find Edges” effect under Video Effects > Stylize in the Effects panel. Apply it to the duplicated layer. This effect turns your video into a black and white sketch.
  4. Adding Color and Vibrancy: To reintroduce color and vibrancy, change the blending mode to “Luminosity.” This will allow some of the original colors to show through.

Refining the Effect

  1. Creating an Adjustment Layer: To apply further adjustments to enhance the effect, add an adjustment layer by clicking the “New” button and selecting “Adjustment Layer.” Drag this adjustment layer over your duplicated footage. The reason for using an adjustment layer is to apply changes to both the base and the sketch layer simultaneously.
  2. Accessing Lumetri Color: Open the Lumetri Color panel. You can either search for it in the Effects panel or find it on the right side of the interface. The Lumetri Color panel is where you’ll fine-tune the look of your drawing effect.
  3. Basic Corrections: Within the Lumetri Color panel, navigate to “Basic Correction.” Adjust the contrast slightly to bring out more details around the edges while preserving the background.
  4. Creative Enhancements: Experiment with the creative options in the Lumetri Color panel. Increase saturation, vibrancy, and consider sharpening or unsharpening the image to achieve a hand-drawn appearance.
  5. Shadow and Highlight Effects: You can play with the shadow and highlight settings to create unique effects. I suggest offsetting the values in different directions for an interesting drawing effect.
  6. Adding a Vignette: To make your video look more like a painting or drawing, consider adding a vignette. A reverse vignette can work well for this purpose.

Final Result:

When you play back your video, you’ll have a delightful drawing effect that can add a touch of magic to your content.


By following this tutorial, you can easily create a storybook drawing effect in Adobe Premiere Pro. Whether you’re making educational videos, animations, or simply want to add an artistic touch to your content, this effect can elevate the visual appeal of your videos. Feel free to explore different settings and unleash your creativity to achieve unique results. If you have any questions or comments, leave them in the comment section below or on the video itself. To stay updated with more tutorials like this, don’t forget to hit the subscribe button. Until next time, happy video editing!



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