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Creating an Infinite Scrolling Background in Adobe Premiere Pro

Creating an infinite scrolling background in Adobe Premiere Pro can add a captivating touch to your video projects. Follow these step-by-step instructions to achieve this effect:

  1. Setting Up Your Project:
    • Start by opening Adobe Premiere Pro and create a new sequence with a 1080p resolution.
    • Begin with a single image as your base. If desired, you can refer to a previous tutorial by Adobe Masters to add a sparkling effect to your image.
  2. Creating the Infinite Background:
    • Add the “Lighting Effects” effect to your image. This effect will generate a shimmering animation on your icon.
    • Draw a rectangle to serve as your background. Enhance its visual appeal by applying the “Four-Color Gradient” effect and customizing the color scheme to your preferences.
  3. Creating a Repetitive Pattern:
    • To replicate your icon, apply the “Replicate” effect. This effect will create multiple copies of your chosen icon.
    • Duplicate the replicated layer and adjust the size, position, and opacity to create a staggered, layered effect for added depth.
  4. Making It Infinite:
    • To achieve an infinite scrolling effect, manually copy and paste your background layer. Use the “Option” (Alt on Windows) key while dragging to speed up the process.
    • Continue replicating your background until you achieve the desired duration for your video.
  5. Adding Animation:
    • Highlight entire rows of the replicated icons and right-click. Select “Nest” to group them. This grouping allows you to apply effects to multiple icons simultaneously.
    • Apply the “Offset” effect to the nested groups. Adjust the offset values for each group to create a continuous scrolling effect with variation.
  6. Conclusion:
    • By following the steps outlined in this tutorial, you can create an impressive infinite scrolling background with animated icons in Adobe Premiere Pro.
    • This technique opens up endless creative possibilities for making your videos more engaging and dynamic. Whether you’re working on personal or professional video projects, this tutorial offers valuable insights to enhance your content.
    • Experiment with different icons, animations, and patterns to create a unique scrolling background for your projects.

If you have any questions or comments, throw them on the video itself, or below in the comments.



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