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How to Add Motion Blur in Adobe After Effects CC

Learn to Add Motion Blur in Adobe After Effects CC

Motion blur is essential to making an effect look realistic. It’s something that our eyes and camera’s naturally capture. Whenever you take a camera and move it quickly back and forth, a certain amount of blur is introduced. The slower the shutter speed, the more of this blur that will be added. Therefore, it’s important when we create effects in After Effect to make sure they match the motion blur of the original footage and look more realistic. Today we go over how to Add Motion Blur in Adobe After Effects CC.

How to Add Motion Blur in Adobe After Effects CC

  1. Create the asset or animation that you want to add motion blur to. In my situation, I just animated some text moving in.
  2. Go down to “toggle switches/modes” and click on it until you see the multiple boxes appear next to the layer you are animating.
  3. Look for the middle left box with the multiple circles. Toggle this on.
  4. Then go up to the top of the timeline and find the same symbol to the right of the search box. Click on this to toggle it on as well.
  5. To edit the amount of motion blur, go up to composition->composition settings->advanced.
  6. Here, under the “Motion Blur” section, you will be able to adjust the shutter angle and shutter phase.
  7. Shutter angle will increase the blur, while shutter phase will favor one end or the other.
  8. You can mess around with these to perfectly match your footage, or for more artistic control.

There you have it, After Effects makes it really simple to add and adjust your motion blur! If you have any questions let me know on the comments of the video or this article!

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