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How to Add Motion Blur in Adobe Photoshop CC (2021)

Learn how to add motion blur in adobe photoshop cc.
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Adding motion blur to a photo can add the feeling of speed to a shot. If you take a picture of a fast car driving, odds are, it came out really clear and crisp. This is because to capture it properly you have to increase your shutter speed. This increase though also makes the background perfectly clear. This works in some situations, but in others, it just makes the car looked parked. To fix this, we can add back in the motion blur. Today I will show you how to add motion blur in Adobe Photoshop CC to your picture.

How to Add Motion Blur in Adobe Photoshop CC

  1. Import your image into photoshop.
  2. If your image is a background layer, uncheck the lock image next to it in layers.
  3. Go up to select->subject. This will select your subject in the foreground.
  4. Now go up to select->inverse to invert the selection and only select the background.
  5. Go to filter->blur->motion blur.
  6. Change the angle and amount of blur to fit the motion of the subject.
  7. Click okay and you now have motion blur.

There you have it. If you have a clear and crisp subject, this effect is only a few clicks away. If your subject isn’t too clear, you may need to do some manual selection using the whip tool.

Thanks for joining me, if you have any questions or comments, leave them on the video itself, or down below!

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