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How to Add Voice Echo in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019

Learn how to add a voice echo in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Sound should match it’s environment. In this tutorial we will be going over how to make a voice match a really echo filled environment. Think cave, or large empty auditorium. We will be going over how to add both the delay, and the reverb. Combining these two will create a realistic sounding voice, which can be fine tuned to any environment. Today, we learn how to add a voice echo in adobe premiere pro.

How to Add Voice Echo in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019

  1. Create or navigate to a sequence with your audio clip.

Add Tail of Silence

  1. The audio clip needs to have a ‘tail’ of silence at the end.
  2. If the clip doesn’t have this, right click on the clip.
  3. Go down to ‘nest’ and click on it. Go through the dialog.
  4. Double click on the newly created clip. You are now in the new sequence.
  5. Drag the same audio file out and put it behind (to the right) of your good audio.
  6. Right click on this new audio and go to ‘Audio Gain’. (Can also hit ctrl/cmd  + g).
  7. Drag the number down as far as it will go. This will mute the clip.
  8. Now navigate back to your original sequence, click on the audio clip, and drag it out. There should be more room of silence on the end.

Add in Delay

  1. Search for delay in the effects. Drag this onto your audio clip.
  2. Go to ‘Effect Controls’ and find the Delay property. Change the delay to around 0.550.
  3. Take the feedback and bring it to about 20%.
  4. Take the mix and bring that down to about 30.%.
  5. From here adjust these settings to fit your particular scene.

Add Reverb

  1. Search for ‘Surround Reverb’ in Effects. Drag it onto your audio clip.
  2. Go to ‘Effect Controls’ and find the Surround Reverb property. Click on the edit button.
  3. Find Impulse and experiment around with different combinations. I chose ‘Large Concert Hall’.
  4. Go over to the right and find the ‘Gain’ controller. Bring the gain up to about 12-15.
  5. Find front width. I bring this up to about ‘150%. This will put a little bit more clarity on the front of the voice.

With those steps you now have the power to create whatever echo/reverb on a voice you want to make. You can manipulate these settings to fit a tight cave, large auditorium, or empty city street. It just takes a bit of experimenting!

If  you have any questions or comments, leave them below or on the website itself!

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