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How to Blend Two Images Together in Adobe Photoshop CC

Learn to Blend Two Images in Photoshop CC
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Photoshop has the ability to do some amazing things. One such thing is the ability to creatively blend two images together. With this we are able to take 2 different photos, and combine them to make a third image. This is a great way to combine two different ideas into a singular visual. Today I show you how to blend two images together in Adobe Photoshop CC.

How to Combine Two Images in Adobe Photoshop CC

  1. Open the background image. The background image must be the same quality as the original image and must also be a little bigger. If it is not, then use the crop tool to increase it horizontally or vertically. Doing so will leave you with white space.
  2. You can use the marquee tool to select the white area, press Shift+F5 to open a box. Choose Content Aware in the Contents option and press OK.
  3. Now, open the next image. Go to File and select Place Embedded.
  4. If you want only a portion of the image merged then select it by choosing the Quick Selection tool. Select the model. If you want to be precise then you can use the Pen Tool. Next, apply a layer mask and it’s done.
  5. Choose Brush Tool, make sure the size is 100% and the hardness is 0%. You can make these changes by right clicking the image. Activate the layer by clicking on it, from the left corner choose white as your color and start painting the surrounding area.
  6. We’re done but if you want to improve it even more then activate the main image layer by pressing Ctrl+J or Cmd+J. Choose the bottom layer and work on it. Change opacity to 65% and from options change the blend mode to Hard Light. Once again, activate the layer by clicking on it, from the left corner choose white as your color and start painting the surrounding area. This will be slightly darker now.
  7. If you want to merge them in a neater manner then group the two layers by holding the Cmd key, selecting the two layers, and pressing Cmd+G.
  8. Create a new adjustment layer and select Hue/Saturation. The box will appear, activate the clipping tool so that only one layer changes. Now, work on changing these settings until you find your desired result.
  9. You’re done. Export the image.

And just like that you now have two images combined into one. You can keep fine tuning this and get the exact effect you want.

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