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How to Brainstorm for Commercials and Product Videos

Learn about How to Brainstorm for Commercials and Product Videos
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Ironically, creativity is the one skill people tend to underestimate in creative industries. Film and television are in a new golden era where there is no shortage of quality productions being constantly released. However, for every successful movie or series, there are hundreds that don’t fulfill the expectations around them. The same thing happens in advertising and digital media, where, more often than not, developing effective video pieces is not as easy as it seems. Fortunately, this article will give you some insight about how to come up with new and effective ideas for branded content and commercials.

Center on the value proposition

Understanding what the product does is the first step. Knowing the ins and outs of the thing you are trying to sell will, logically, give you a better understanding on how to create a marketing strategy around it, starting with a video. The theme of that video should ideally link to the value that the product offers to consumers. Obviously, the theme is the overarching subject matter, so that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to show the product explicitly.

Try some free association

Parting from the value proposition, you can try a couple of things to reach the actual idea you’ll shoot for your video. Free association works great for products you don’t know much about, for instance. Just getting a rough notion of what it does can be enough of a starting point to get the ball rolling. Selling a juice presser? Think pressing, squeezing, twisting, strongmen, machinery, assembly lines, tornadoes…! Keep going and you just might find the concept that strikes gold.

Do your research and play to the product’s strengths

One thing you can always do is focusing on the advantages of the product. Circling back to basic strategies like doing research can be of great help when it comes to finding a different angle that you can truly work with creatively. Ads nowadays need to be short and to the point, so focusing on just one aspect of the product to drive your point across might work best in some cases. Think of what could be the literal selling points of the product or service and make those the main subject around which you craft a short story.

See and try the product for yourself

Of course, nothing beats a real-life experience when it comes to gaining knowledge about it. Trying the actual product, be it by using it, tasting it, or feeling how it works can do wonders for your creative process. There is always more than one way to use something, just as everyone feels something different or recalls something specific when they taste a certain flavor or texture. Drawing inspiration from those particular things that you can only learn by being in contact with the product can save you during a brainstorming session and when all else fails. Just remember: creativity is something you gain by exercising it every day, never stop being creative and ideas will flow more easily in times of need.

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