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How to Center Text with the Text Tool in Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2017)

Learn how to Quickly Center Text in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

With the recent update and the introduction of the text tool, a lot of things changed within Adobe Premiere Pro. The text tool replaced some features, created some features, and reorganized some other features. One of the most annoying things however was finding the location of that pesky center text button that I used all the time with the old “Title Tool”.  After an hour or so of searching, I finally found it and thought if it took me that long, maybe I should make a tutorial on it.

How to Center Text with the Text Tool in Premiere Pro CC (2017)

  1. Go to the text tool and create some text in the sequence.
  2. Go up to workspace’s panel.
  3. Click on “Graphics”
  4. Go over to the newly opened “Essential Graphics” panel to the right of the screen. (You don’t actually have to go to the “Graphics” workspace. You can just go up to Window->Essential Graphics to open up the panel)
  5. Click on the “Edit” tab
  6. Click on the Text you have created at the top.
  7. The center buttons are below the “Align and Transform”
  8. The one on the left will center the text horizontally, and the one on the right vertically.
  9. Make sure your text box fits only your text, as it will center on the text box.


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