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How to Create a Flashback Re-Enactment in Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2021)

Sometimes to get the story across, we need to go back in time. To do this, we use a flashback. To prevent the viewer from being confused, we typically apply an effect to this flashback to separate it from our main storyline. This effect can come in many forms. One such popular one is to reduce the frame rate, and to blur the image. This will make the flashback appear disjointed, and fuzzy, simulating a memory in the mind. Today, I am going to show you how to create a flashback reenactment in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

How to Create a Flashback Re-enactment in Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2021)

  1. First import your footage. I have gotten some footage from Envato Elements!
  2. Go to Effects->Time->Posterize Time
  3. Drag this effect onto your footage.
  4. Reduce the frame rate to around 1/3 the original framerate. So 24 would go to 8, and 30 would go to 10.
  5. Duplicate the footage by holding alt/cmd, clicking on the footage, and then dragging up.
  6. Select the clip on top and drop it’s opacity to about 40%.
  7. Next, remove the Posterize time on the top clip.
  8. Apply the effect Directional Blur to the top clip.
  9. Change the Blur Length to around 95.

With that you have created this effect. Adjusting the settings on both Posterize Time and the Directional Blur can be used to fine tune this effect. Also, don’t be afraid to try out different blurs to see which captures the look you are going for in the best possible way.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments on the video itself, or below!



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