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How to Create a Lens Flare in Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2021)

Filming the sun is a very hard thing to do. Either it’s so over exposed that it makes the entire sky white, or it’s properly exposed and the rest of your scene is almost dark. To fix this we can add a sun in later on. So we film the shot normally, and then add in the sun in post production. Today I am going to show you how to do this in Premiere Pro by adding in a lens flare. With this we can recreate the sun!

How to Create a Lens Flare in Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2021)

  1. Create a new sequence, import your footage onto the sequence.
  2. Find the place in the clip you want to add the fake sun into.
  3. Go to Effects -> Generate -> Lens Flare. Take this effect and add it onto the clip.
  4. In the controls you can change the type of flare and the brightness level. You can also change position.
  5. If you have a moving shot, some tracking may be necassary to keep it in one place.
  6. If an object passes in front of the flare, make sure to reduce the brightness to account for this!

The lens flare is a great tool to have in your kit. You can drop it onto most shots to add a point of light. Another use could be to recreate a light inside, or to emulate something really bright like a missile.

If you have any questions or comments, let me know on the video itself, or below!



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