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How to Create a Parallax Effect in Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2018)

Learn how to create a parallax effect in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.
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A parallax effect is a fun effect to throw in to an edit. Through combining the horizons, you are able to quickly create a fantasy world. It is a great effect to quickly create some awe in your edit. This effect isn’t too hard, and can be completed entirely within Premiere Pro CC! Today we will go over how to create a parallax effect in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

How to Create a Parallax Effect in Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2018)

Set up Sequence

  1. Start with blank sequence and drag in your footage (something with a sky and that is stable. )
  2. Go to the effect controls and adjust the scale to about 65%. This will give room for the effect.
  3. Go to the timeline. Click on your footage. Hold the Alt key and drag up. This will create a duplicate on the timeline.

Create First Half

  1. Go to the top footage. Go to effect controls and then find rotation. Set the rotation to 180 (creates the upside down footage).
  2. Take this and move it up so that it covers the top half.
  3. Go to the top footage in effect controls. Go to the opacity and click on square icon (creates mask), check box next to invert the mask.  Then move the box to point where bottom/top footage overlaps, hold shift key down, drag edges over to select entire overlapping error. We want to create a small box that cuts off the top and blends it in with the bottom footage.

Create Second Half

  1. Go to mask feather. Now increase this until you find the other footage’s line. Then back it off a little. This will create a perfect blend.
  2. You can click on either piece of footage and go to speed/duration. In here set one to reverse. This will create an effect where one is going backwards from another, which can look cool.
  3. Highlight both pieces of footage, right click, click on nest. This will create a sequence and allow us to apply an effect to both at the same time.
  4. Scale this new sequence up to fit the entire sequence.
  5. Add in a rotation – adjust scale to 201 and adjust rotation to 53 (f you have black edges, just zoom in a little more).

There you have it. You have created a fun parallax effect. All it takes is some creative stitching of the same piece of footage. This is a great effect to add into a vlog or to show off a landscape.

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