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How to Create a Quick Splitscreen in Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2018)

Learn how to create a quick split screen in adobe premiere pro cc.

Displaying the passing of time in a video is often important. It often times helps connect two scenes together, so the general story is preserved. There are very basic ways to do this, like with a fade. These work, and are used quite often. However, like everything else in film making, this is also a great place to insert some style and creativity. I’m going to be showing you one such way to add a little style. Today we are going over how to create a quick split screen in Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2018).

How to Create a Quick Split Screen in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

  1. Import the two clips into the same sequence.
  2. Keep the original on the bottom, and the one to bring in on the top.
  3. We will move to the point we want the effect to begin, then drag the top footage to this point.
  4. Go into effects and look for the crop effect.
  5. Drag this on to the top footage.
  6. Go up to effect controls and find the crop effect. Go to the left property and activate the animation by clicking on the stop watch.
  7. Now move forward about 10 frames. Bring the left to 50%. This will bring it in half way.
  8. Right click on the keyframes. Make the first one easy out, and the second easy in.
  9. Go to the effects of the bottom footage. Go up to motion, and then position. Start the animation at the beginning of the transition. Move forward to when the animation stops, and center the footage in it’s new box.

There you have it. A quick way to make a split screen animation. This can be combined with other effects, or animated further to keep building on it. Think spy movie where there are a bunch of these put together to introduce a new location.

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