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How to Create a Social Media Callout in Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2018)

Learn how to make a social media callout in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.
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In today’s fast paced world, branding is really important. YouTube is no different. Applying a social media callout with your logo, or with classic social media icons is a great way to increase your following. However, we don’t want to have to create this effect a thousand times. So today, I’m going to show you how to create a social media callout in Adobe Premiere Pro CC, and also how to save it as a template.

How to Create a Social Media Callout in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

  1. Create a text element. Go to the text tool, then go to the preview panel and click somewhere. This will generate a text box.
  2. Type in whatever you want the callout to be. In my case, I used “Follow me @InstagramHandle”
  3. Click on your text element. Go over to essential graphics panel. There will be a part that lists all the elements. Go to the bottom right of this and look for a button that looks like a page peeling. Click on this.
  4. Choose from file, and choose the logo you want to use.  In my case, I use the Instagram logo.
  5. Go over to the effect controls of the layer. Look for the picture layer here.
  6. Shrink it down to the size you want to use, then un-check “Uniform Scale”
  7. Find the center point, which looks like a cross-hair, and move it to the center-left of the picture.
  8. Now we animate picture coming in. Go over to the horizontal scale, click on the stopwatch to make a keyframe. Set it to 0. Then move over about 15 frames, and set it to the original value. This will have it pop in.
  9. Go to the keyframes. Click on the first one and right-click. Choose easy-out. Click on the second keyframe and click easy-in.
  10. Now click the down arrow on the horizontal scale. Go to the right keyframe, and drag it’s line out to make a hill that focuses on the left side.
  11. This will create a little pop to the effect to make it look professional.
  12. Go find the text in the effect controls. Click on the opacity and create an animation. Start it off at 0. Then move forward and set it to 100.
  13. Now move forward about 3 seconds and reverse the animations.
  14. Now go to the end of the animation and trim the graphic layer down so that it is only as long as the animation is on the screen.
  15. Right-click on the graphic, and then click “export to motion graphics template”
  16. Give it a name, then click OK. It will then be saved into your templates.

There we have it. Not only did we create the animation, but we also made it so we can drag and drop it wherever we need to!

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