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How to Create a Storybook Page Turn Transition in Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2018)

Learn to create a storybook page turn transition in Adobe Premiere Pro!

Transitions are a great way to give your video some style. Different transitions give off different moods, which can help you control the overall feeling of the film. Premiere Pro comes with a basic set of transitions, which work for a majority of use cases. However, sometimes it’s fun to create our own to mix things up. Today I am going to be showing you how to make one of these. Now, this is a decently complex effect, so I would recommend having a solid understanding of Premiere Pro before beginning. Today I show you how to create a storybook page turn transition in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

How to Create a Storybook Page Turn Transition in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Set up the Pages

  1. Create a new sequence and import the footage you want to transition between.
  2. We want to take the second clip, and place it on top of the first clip in the sequence.  Then cut the two clips to duration you want to use.
  3. Create a few extra tracks for video. To do this, just take one of your pieces of footage, and drag it up a few times to keep creating new tracks.
  4. Go to effects->Perspective->Basic 3D. Drop it onto the bottom clip.

Animate the Pages

  1. Afterward, go into effect controls and find Basic 3D. We want to manipulate the swivel property of this.
  2. Animate the swivel property. We want to start at 0, and then move forward a little bit and turn this to 180.
  3. Now we want to duplicate the bottom layer and put it on a layer above. Go to the very bottom layer and remove Basic 3D.
  4. Now search for the crop effect. Bring it on to the bottom layer with Basic 3D still on it.
  5. Go down to the crop effect and find the left property. Bring this to 50%. You should now have the beginnings of the page turn started.
  6.  Drag the bottom layer without Basic 3D on it above the top layer. So now we have video clip two on top, video clip 1 in middle, and video clip 2 with Basic 3D on the bottom.
  7. Go find the crop effect and drag it onto video clip 1 in the middle. Go to the left property of the crop and bring it to 50%.
  8. We now have the page turning, and revealing the clip we are transitioning to. However, we the page keeps turning.
  9. Find the 90 degree mark. This is where the page turn disappears, and there is half left, and half right on the screen.

Finish the Page Turn

  1. Take video clip 1 and duplicate it above the top most layer. Go into the effects and drag Basic 3D onto this effect.
  2. Now go into the basic 3D, start the swivel at 90, and transition it to 180, following the timing of the original swivel.
  3. At the 90 degree mark. Cut the original swivel here, so that it stops rendering. Begin the second swivel here, so it doesn’t go behind the 90 degree mark.
  4. Go look for horizontal flip in the effects and drag it on to the top layer. Go to effect controls and drag the horizontal flip above everything. This will make it so the footage flips instead of everything like the crop.

There you go. You have created your own storybook page turn transition. Now, the written tutorial is a bit complicated. If you have any questions, or get confused. Check out the video above, I feel a visual guide is more helpful with this type of effect!

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