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How to Create a Video Overlay Effect in Premiere Pro

Learn to create a video overlay in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.
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A video overlay is a great way to change up the tone and feeling of your piece. With a couple of clicks you can send the audience into the matrix world with some green tones. A couple more clicks, and you are in CSI Miami with their strong orange and yellow overlays. Today we are going over how to create a video overlay effect in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

How to Create a Video Overlay Effect in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

  1. First import your footage into Adobe Premiere Pro. (I used Envato Elements for this. With a low monthly subscription, you can get as much stock footage as you want)
  2. Add your footage to the timeline.
  3. Go up to file->new->Adjustment Layer.
  4. Take the newly created adjustment layer and put it above your footage on the timeline.
  5. Go to effects and search for “Ramp”. Take this effect and drag it onto the adjustment layer.
  6. Go to Effect Controls, and go down to the ramp effect.
  7. At the ramp effect, change the start color and end color to what you want. Here is where you want to experiment.
  8. Go to ‘blend with original’ and increase the value. Move this up and down to effect the strength of the effect.

There you have it, you have now created a fully customizable video overlay effect. To increase the fun, try changing the mode from linear to radial. This will allow you to create a circle color transition. From this transition, you will be able to highlight different objects with color. You can also animate the start point of the circle to follow a certain object in the scene.

If you have any questions or comments, let me know below or on the video itself. If you use the tutorial to create something with, share that below! I would love to see it!

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