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How to Create a Voiceover in Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2017)

Learn how to create a voiceover in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Voiceovers are essential to any video production. They work great for narration, tutorials, or even replacing audio in post-production. Did you know Premiere Pro actually has a feature to create a voiceover from within the program itself?

It’s a really simple to use system, and great for producing good quality recordings. I might suggest some additional software/equipment if you are more on the pro side as it isn’t too feature rich. But if your goal is to just create a voiceover as simply as possible, then this is the tool for you.

How to Create a Voiceover in Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2017)

  1. First, we need to setup the mic. Go up to Edit->Preferences->Audio Hardware.
  2. Go to “Default Input” and select the microphone you want to use for your recording.
  3. Scroll down to your timeline. Find the audio track you wish to record on. Right click in the grey area to the left of the timeline, go to “Voice-Over Record Settings”. From here you will be able adjust the settings of the recording for the individual track.
  4. Inside you will notice the voice meter moving. You can go to the input to change the microphone to a different microphone.
  5. You can adjust the pre-roll and post-roll to trim the voice recording and to give yourself time to prepare.
  6. Go to the audio track and click on the little microphone button to begin recording. If it is not there, right click in the grey area and click “Customize”. From here drag the little microphone in to the grey area.
  7. The pre-roll will go and then you will be able to record.


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