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How to Create an 80’s Vintage Filter in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019

Learn how to Create an 80's Vintage Filter in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

80’s content seems to be in right now. Every network is coming out with their nostalgia inducing 80’s sitcom, show, or movie. Although these shows are usually shot with today’s cameras, there often comes a time when a vintage looking piece is needed. So you have two options, either look around and hope to find a piece that fits, or go out and create your own. I find the second option usually works the best. Today, I go over how to create an 80’s vintage filter in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019.

How to Create an 80’s Vintage Filter in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019

Color Grading

  1. Create a sequence, or navigate to a piece of footage in a sequence you want to apply the effect to.
  2. Open up the Color workspace, or Lumetri Color.
  3. Within Lumetri Color, go over to the Creative section, and adjust the Faded Film effect. Drag it up a little bit .
  4. Now bring up the vibrance, and down the saturation.
  5. Up in Basic Correction section, adjust the temperature to bring a bit of a warm filter to the footage. (Optional for your piece)
  6. Go down to contrast and bring it down. We want to condense the colors closer together.
  7. Navigate to the Curves section, and adjust the RGB Curves.
  8. Go to each of the Red, Green, and Blue and adjust their top right line.
  9. Randomly grab each of these lines and drag them to a different spot. This will help split the colors a bit.


  1. Go into your effects and search for Noise HLS Auto.
  2. Drag it on to your clip.
  3. Go up to effect controls, and then look for the Noise HLS Auto.
  4. Grab the lightness effect and move it up to roughly 6.0%.
  5. Change the Noise Animation Speed and move that down to about 12.
  6. Then go up to the Noise and change that to Grain. This will make it look more like film grain.
  7. Notice the bar is red on the top of the timeline. Hit the enter key and let it render out to look at the effect.
  8. Go to effects and search for Mosaic.
  9. Go up to effect controls and go to the controls of the Motion. Here, grab the Scale and adjust it up to about 105%.
  10. Go down to the Mosaic effect and adjust the Vertical Blocks really high. (You want it higher than the dimensions of your sequence horizontally. So with HD footage, 1920 or higher).
  11. Now go to the Horizontal Blocks and move this to about 617~. This will just make it a little bit pixelated.

With that, you have a nice authentic 80’s filter. This can be adjusted in so many different directions, but this should be a good base for whatever your edit calls for.

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below, or on the video itself.

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