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How to Create Glitch Text in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2021

Learn how to create a glitch effect within Premiere Pro!

Have you ever watched a video and felt entertained by the content?! Adding a bit of personality to your text is a fun way to incorporate some energy to your shots! In Premiere Pro you can do this pretty easily with a large range of effects. Today I am going to show you how to create glitch text in Adobe Premiere Pro! This fun effect will add a futuristic perspective to your narration. Glitch text is a good technique for intro’s and adding description into your clip!

How to Create Glitch Text in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2021

  1. Create a new sequence and import your footage to that sequence.
  2. Use the text tool to type some text onto the footage. This should create a graphics layer.
  3. Customize and position the text how you like. I centered it.
  4. Go into Effects -> Immersive Video -> VR Digital Glitch. Add this to your text graphics layer.
  5. Under distortion, play around with the sliders to get the distortion that best fits your artistic goal.
  6. Create a keyframe on Master Amplitude.
  7. Move forward about 3-7 keyframes. Change the value of Master Amplitude. Make it 0 or 100, depending on if you are turning on or off the effect.
  8. Move forward random amounts of keyframes. Make the value go up and down randomly as well.
  9. Go to the first keyframe created.
  10. Go to the Random Seed effect. Create a keyframe.
  11. Move to the last animation keyframe of the Master Amplitude. 
  12. Move the Random Seed all the way up to something like 75. Play around until it looks natural.

There you have it! You have successfully created a glitch effect in Adobe Premiere Pro. You can copy and paste these effects multiple times to keep the futuristic theme ongoing! Play around with all the controls in VR Digital Glitch. It is a very fun effect with lots of possibilities!

If you have any questions, leave them below, or on the video itself!



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