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How to Do a Quick Zoom in Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2022)

Adding some motion to your edits can bring life and energy to the final product. This motion can be added in real life, with dolly shots, or slow zooms. However, you don’t need to be perfect while filming, some motion can be added in post production! Premiere pro offers a wide range of effects and features that can help us accomplish this goal. Let’s focus on a quick zoom, and how we can accomplish this. Today we go over how to do a quick zoom in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

How to Create a Zoom Effect in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Quick Technique

  1. First open the project in Premiere that you would like to add the zoom effect to.
  2. Import your footage, I used Envato Elements to find some great stock footage.
  3. Go up to Effect Controls and then down to Transform.
  4. Click the stopwatch icon next to the position and scale.
  5. Move the footage forward 5-10 frames.
  6. Scale up the footage (we should max around 150% to preserve quality)
  7. Move the position to focus the area of the footage you want to focus on.

Advanced Technique

  1. Start by copying steps 1 and 2 from the Quick Technique.
  2. Go to the Effects and look for the effect Transform. It will be under Video Effects->Distort->Transform. Drag that onto the footage.
  3. Go to Effect Controls and find the Shutter Angle under the newly added Transform effect.
  4. Move this number up to add some motion blur to the motion we are about to create.
  5. Toggle the stopwatch on the Position and Scale under the Transform effect. Make sure you are doing this under the Transform Effect. We want the zoom to have the motion blur.
  6. Move forward 10 frames.
  7. Scale it in and move the position to fit where you want.

There you have it, a great way to add some quick zoom into your footage. If you want an even more customized zoom, check out 2:55 in the video above. It will show you how to customize the motion to create pop and pull sort of effects.

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