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How to Edit Like a Pro – 5 Editing Tricks for Better Editing

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Video editing is a hard and creative process. Sometimes it can take you hours and hours to edit a video.

When it comes to video editing, experience makes a lot of difference. If you’re struggling to edit videos or looking for tips on how to master the art, then check below for five video editing tricks that can make a big difference to your videos:

How to Edit Like a Pro – 5 Editing Tricks For Better Editing

Video Editing Trick #1 Working With Text

One of the main issues with adding text in a video is that it kind of gets merged or lost in the details of the video frame. Since the video in the background is sharp and in focus, the text remains out of focus. Some of the ways to tackle this situation are:

  • Lowering the opacity of the video by a small amount. This adds a slight dullness to the background, which in return makes the text pop out.
  • Using gossiping blur. This tool adds a glassy, out of focus feel to the video
  • Adjusting the blending mode on the text. This tool glorifies the text and makes it stand out in the background.

Video Editing Trick #2 Adding a Photograph

Adding a photograph to the timeline of video can not only break its harmony but also disrupt the flow of the video. To prevent this from happening, instead of just adding the photo to the timeline, you can fill it in the frame.

Add the zoomed-in image and a zoomed-out image a few seconds apart. As a result, the image will have a slight motion to it. Hence, it will sync well with the video.

Apart from this, easing the image in and out at the edges will give it a smooth look for the final position. This video editing trick can make a lot of difference.

Video Editing Trick #3 Sound And Ducking

Though not directly linked to video editing, this video editing trick can help enhance the overall impact of the finished product.

It isn’t uncommon for the microphone to pick up noise and random sounds during the shoot. Thanks to Adobe Premiere Pro, the noise can be reduced by using the software’s ducking feature. This feature allows you to adjust specific volumes – background noise and the main audio track – individually.

At the bottom of the display, you will have a small window that shows the audio track. This can be used to carry out the procedure.

Premiere Pro also comes with an automatic audio ducking feature that makes this time-consuming process easier by adjusting the keyframes automatically. Some other tools may also offer this feature under different names.

Video Editing Trick #4 Sound Design

Not being able to capture clear audio is one of the biggest issues videographers face. However, you don’t have to just rely on the sounds that you captured in-camera. You can easily find an audio library of sound effects on the internet.

Thanks to the different types of audios available in these libraries, the added audio not only sounds natural, but its level of intensity can also be optimized according to your needs.

Video Editing Trick #5 Color Grading

Premiere Pro comes with a preset color workspace that can improve the look of the video. It can easily be accessed from the workspace menu.

One of the most underrated features of Premiere Pro color workspace is the vignette that is basically a shadow around the corners and edges of the frame.

The best part is that you can adjust the intensity of the vignette according to your preference. The tool provides a good contrast in frames with solid, flat colors.

We hope these simple yet effective video editing tricks will help you give your videos a professional look.

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