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How to Film an Interview Like a Pro

Learn how to Shoot Interviews in Filmmaking.
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Interview videos are very important. Their purpose is to help viewers connect to a story and the speaker. Viewers will never get interested in a story if the video is not well shot or presented.

Here are five tips on how to film kickass interview videos.

#1 B-Roll is Your Friend

A B-Roll is a second camera that films the same interview from a different angle. Hence, you will need two cameras to shoot an interview. If your budget doesn’t allow it then you can opt to move your single camera to a different position and shoot the same scene again.

This will make the interview look more dynamic and less boring. More angles and frame sizes will make the video look better. However, make sure that all the cameras you use are on the same side of the person sitting behind the camera asking the questions. It helps avoid confusion since placing cameras on different angles will make it appear as the person is talking to multiple individuals.

#2 Pay Attention to Sound

Sound is very important because an interview is all about ‘listening’ to the story. If the audio is unclear then viewers or listeners will never enjoy the clip. Keep the microphone as close to the subject as you can to reduce distractions and record clear sound.

If you cannot afford an external microphone then count on your mobile devices. You can use an earbud with a small microphone to record the interview and sync the sound later during editing.

#3 Playing With Multiple Interviews

If you have multiple interviews and you want to prepare a montage then make sure to pay special attention to their viewing direction by placing the interviewer first on the right side of the camera and then on your left side of the camera. 

This will result in more natural videos and viewers will be able to identify when the scene changes.

#4 Know Where to Place People

Be aware of where you place the interviewer. The main aim of an interview is to help viewers understand the story and form a connection with the interviewee.

Hence, place the interviewer as close as possible to the main camera. This will make the viewer feel a part of the session and will improve engagement.

#5 Choose the Right Background

Make sure the background is relative to the story of the interviewee. For example, if the person is a fitness trainer, then you can shoot the interview in a gym.

This helps add authenticity and allows viewers to understand what’s happening on screen.

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