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How to Find a Crew for a Film

Learn how to find a crew for a film.
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Making movies is a collaborative effort. You can do it all by yourself, but it is much easier and a more enriching experience to have other people help you out with different aspects of the shooting. It is encouraged, in fact, since that way you can assign different tasks to people specialized in different areas. However, as all filmmakers know, it is not as easy as it seems to just set out to make a film. Finding and assembling a crew can be a very difficult task, which is why here we will take a look at some ways you can contact people and put a team together.

Enroll in film school or take courses

Film school is one of the most straightforward ways there is to meet people who will be willing to collaborate with you. While, admittedly, it is not a viable option for everyone, those who have the opportunity to make it work and attend film school or at least take a couple of courses can assess first-hand the abilities and experience of their fellow classmates.

Of course, going to film school also gives you plenty of experience in different production roles, so you can get some decent knowledge to make you able to step in on any set duty you find yourself short on during your own projects.

Volunteer to participate in short films

Actively working in films and different audiovisual projects is another great way to meet people and make important connections. Not only you get to gain experience and hone your skills on different roles, you also get to see and learn from other people in action with more experience than you.

Volunteering your time shows your work ethic and willingness to work for the sake of collaborating and earning other people’s trust. The more you devote your time to working in other people’s projects, the more people you will meet. Building a network of contacts you can count on for later personal projects will be much easier that way.

Attend local industry events for networking

If you are interested in making films but are completely removed from the industry and the local scene, you can still make your way into it through events and meetings from local organizations. Meeting people who do work in film, regardless of their level of expertise, can help you get your foot in the door to gain experience in any way you can and potentially recruiting people later on to help you on your own projects.

Your future crew members and department heads all attend or participate in some level in these events, and if they don’t, the people who do go to these events can probably guide you in the right direction.

Much like filmmaking itself, finding your crew and your cast is all about knowing people and turning them into valuable allies who can contribute a lot to your film in the near future. Lending a hand to them at first can be enough to make them remember you later, and be just as willing to lend a hand to you in whatever project you embark on.

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