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How to Fix GoPro Fisheye Lens Distortion in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Learn to fix GoPro Fisheye Lens Distortion in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.
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GoPros are great action cameras. They are small, lightweight, and capture some pretty decent footage. One of the main features of these cameras is their ability to capture really wide angles. However, with this comes a pretty large amount of fisheye distortion. This is fine if you are filming something like snowboarding or road biking. However, if you are using the footage for a professional production, removing this fisheye can help improve the overall production quality. Today I will be going over how to fix GoPro fisheye lens distortion in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

How to Fix GoPro Fisheye Lens Distortion in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

  1. First import your GoPro footage into a sequence on the timeline.
  2. Go into effects and search for “lens”, you will see a folder for “Lens Distortion Removal”. Go into the GoPro folder, and drag and drop the effect onto your footage.
  3. To do this manually, you can look for the “Lens Distortion” effect in the effects tab. Find this effect and drag it onto your footage.
  4. Go into the effect controls and find the lens distortion. Here are the controls you can use to manually remove the distortion.
  5. The curvature setting will curve the footage one way or the other. We want to remove the distortion, so going in the negative direction here is best.
  6. The other one we want to manipulate is “Horizontal Prism FX” which will bring the edges of the footage down in 2D space. We also want to go into the negative direction here.
  7. Mess around with these effects until the footage begins to look straighter. Note: you will have some natural cropping around the edges when you do this.

This effect are great to know whenever you are working with wide angle lenses and action cameras. They are quick to use, and can make a world of difference on your production. If you have any questions or comments. Throw them in the comment section below or on YouTube.

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  • Pierre says:

    I’M using a SJCAM 6 Legends. I wish to remove the fisheye effect like the exemple in the video. Witch settings I should use please?

    Thanks a lot!

  • Megan says:

    THANK YOU! I’m a complete newbie to Premier Pro, and I would not have figured this out myself. I found the right setting pretty quickly, and now my video has no more fisheye!

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