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How to Hold Great Auditions

Learn how to Hold Great Auditions
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Casting the characters for your film is a crucial process. The actors you and your casting director select will be the faces of your project and will carry the production to the next level with their performances. The choices ahead are hard to make and, sometimes, the process itself can be tedious when it comes to coordinating the logistics of the casting call.

How to Hold Great Auditions

There are many factors to consider when starting to look for actors for your film and it all can be a little overwhelming if you have little experience in this department. For that reason we are about to go over some tips and tricks to help you hold a great audition for your next movie.

Where to look for actors?

Finding the right person to portray a role in your film is no easy feat. It can be a little easier if you already have a profile in mind, but even then, other factors come into play like location, budget, experience, and others.

If you don’t have many resources and can only offer experience to the potential protagonists of your film, you can try your luck at local drama schools and film schools. Some of the people there are honing their acting skills and might be willing to participate in your project if it provides them with a credited role in a serious film production.

On the other hand, if your budget allows it, you can take this same approach but looking for professional actors directly. You can also get access to your local actors guild and contact people in your area according to what you have in mind.

How to hold an effective casting call

Casting calls should be quick and simple, but to make them that way, you need top-notch organization. If you are holding open auditions, you need to make sure that you schedule actors for different windows so you don’t have a crowded waiting room full of nervous actors waiting for their turn. This way, you also avoid unnecessary waiting for the next person to show up.

Give the actors the casting call location and information only if you have previously approved their submission or application. In the casting room, be sure to give them enough room and make them feel comfortable by not having too many people watching them go over their lines.

Things to avoid during auditions

Try not to ask the actor to do anything unusual that would make them feel uncomfortable. Nothing inappropriate or rude either. You want actors to be in their best mindset possible so they can give you their best performances and accurately show you the extent of their range and acting chops.

For auditions that explicitly require something unusual or inappropriate, reassure them that nothing will ever get out from the casting room. You can make them feel more comfortable by not recording them in those cases, or have the casting room located far enough from the waiting room.

Don’t ever give negative feedback to the actors after they finish reading for their roles. You want to let actors know that you appreciate their craft just as much as they appreciate yours and the potential opportunity you will have of working together. Courtesy is free, and ensuring that everyone got something positive out of the experience can help you get a good rep in the industry.

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