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How to Make a 2D Image 3D in Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2018)

Learn to make a 2D image 3D in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Adding animations to your 2D photos is a great way to make them stand out. However, we can take it to the next level past just a simple pan or zoom. With some key-masking, we can take those 2D photos, and give them an illusion of being 3D. We will get an end product that looks almost like a pop-up card. It’s a fun effect to pull off, so let’s get started. Today I’m showing you how to make a 2D image 3D in Adobe Premiere Pro CC>

How to Make a 2D image 3D in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Import Image

  1. Grab a high quality image to work with. The higher the resolution, the better.
  2. Make sure the image has a clear focal point that we can cut out.
  3. Create a new sequence. Make sure to create a sequence to your own specifications. Choose a resolution that is smaller than your image. So with a 4k image, choose 2k or 1080p.
  4. Adjust the image in the frame using the position and scale in effect controls.

Edit Image

  1. Click on the footage, go to the opacity, and click on the pen tool next to the opacity.
  2. Zoom really far in to the footage using the scale in the bottom left of the preview panel.
  3. Now go ahead and mask out the subject, or a piece of the image you want masked out.
  4. Make sure to finish off the mask, and it will cut that subject out.
  5. Hold the alt key and drag up to duplicate the footage. Remove the mask from this to create a background.
  6. Go into effects and search for Basic 3D. Add it onto the background layer.

Apply 3D Effect

  1. Use the swivel to rotate the background over time.
  2. We can clean up the background a bit as well.
  3. Go to the layer with the mask. Go to the mask and manipulate the mask expansion, and the feather. This will help blend it with the background.
  4. Now, time to add some flare to help distract from some of the imperfections.
    • You can use overlays for this. For example adding some snow to the footage.
    • I added a flare to help make the light look more realistic.

There you have it. A fun way to make an advanced looking effect. You can really go all out with this and have some fun. Imagine cutting out a person on a mountain and adding snow, a flare for the sun, and some wind noises. You could add a voice animation over it and have a really neat visual for a story. This also works great with illustrations and graphics!

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