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How to Put Video Inside Text in Adobe Premiere Pro 2023

Learn how to add video inside text in Premiere Pro CC.

Sometimes we want to make our text and titles a little bit more interesting. Since we are creating a video, we have lots of options with the text and its animation. One such thing we can do is to actually put video within the text itself. This is a great way to give a mood to your text. For example, a title with “Sahara Desert” feels a lot warmer when the desert itself is present in the text. Today we are going to go over how to add this text to your video in Premiere Pro!

How to Insert Video Into Text in Premiere Pro CC 2023

  1. Import some footage into the sequence. I went ahead and used Envato Elements, a great subscription based service where you can download a near unlimited amount of stock footage!
  2. Click the type tool and type out your text.
  3. Go to the Essential Graphics pane. You can now edit the text and make it appear how you like it to be.
  4. Grab a second piece of footage and drag it into the essential graphics pane under the edit column.
  5. Click on the text in the edit pane.
  6. Go down to the “Mask with Text” checkbox. Click on that and switch it on.

With that we have added video inside our text. Premiere Pro makes this pretty simple to accomplish. You can customize the text even more afterwards. The text is in a graphics layer by itself. You can add a drop shadow, animations, or any other effect to the layer to further enhance your changes!

If you have any questions or comments, comment below, or on the video itself!



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