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How to Quickly Create A Pencil Drawing in Photoshop CC

Learn to Quickly Create a Pencil Drawing in Photoshop CC

How to Quickly Create a Pencil Drawing in Photoshop CC

There are many apps that can add a pencil drawing filter to your photos but they may not be very efficient. Photoshop with it’s strong range of libraries and effects will give you a stronger final product. Today I will show you how to quickly create a pencil drawing in Photoshop CC.

Follow these below steps for results:

  1. First, import the photo that you want to work on. 
  2. Change the pixels a little by going to Image>Image Size:
    • Select ‘1920’ width 
    • 1440 height 
    • 150 resolution
  3. Convert your image into a smart object. Click the icon at the upper right of the Layers panel and choose ‘Convert to Smart Object’.
  4. Make a copy of the layer by pressing Ctrl+J or Cmd+J
  5. Click the Adjustment Layer Icon and choose Black and White. It will desaturate the color for all the layers.
  6. Hide the copy by clicking on the eye next to it and make the bottom layer active by clicking on it once.
  7. From the Menu choose Filter and go to Filter Gallery. 
  8. You will see multiple options, open the Distort folder and select Diffuse Glow. On the right choose these settings:
    • Graininess: 10 
    • Glow Amount: 5 
    • Clear Amount: 7 
  9. Go to the lower right corner and click the Add Filter icon. The last filter you chose will get added to the image.
  10. You will see two filter options on the right (Diffuse Glow). Click the bottom one to make changes to it.
  11. From the folders next to it, choose Texture and select these settings:
    • Texture: Sandstone 
    • Scaling: 100% 
    • Relief: 4 
    • Light: Top
  12. Next, select Ok. You will not have two filters applied to your photo.
  13. Make the first copy visible, right click it and choose Filter Gallery.

Filter Gallery steps:

  1. Hide both filters, open the Stylize folder, and make it visible. Next, choose these settings:
    • Edge Width: 2 
    • Edge Brightness: 20 
    • Smoothness: 5
  2. Select Ok and click the Adjustment layer icon. Choose ‘Invert’.
  3. Here you can restrict it just to the glowing edges layer by pressing Alt+Ctrl+G or Option+Cmd+G.
  4. Make the glowing edges layer active and change its Blend Mode to Linear Burn from the drop down menu.
  5. You can make the outline more transparent by reducing its opacity to 50%. 
  6. In addition, if you want to make midtones darker then click the top layer, go to Adjustment Layer, and Levels. Move the slider to your desired location.
  7. If your image has pencil lines that appear too strong, you can choose to make them look less dense by making the Glowing Edges layer active and clicking the Layer Mask icon to make a layer mask next to it.
  8. Open the Brush tool and pick a soft hand brush and choose these settings:
    • Size: 100px
    • Hardness: 0%
    • Opacity: 35%
    • Flow: 100%
  9. Lastly, brush over the lines that you’d like to make more transparent.
  10. Done! Save your image and enjoy.

There you have it, you now have an image that looks like someone actually drew it. Once you have done this a few times, this effect is quick to pull off and creates a really awesome end-product.



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