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How to Reduce File Size in Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2023)

File size is a critical factor in video export, especially considering the diverse requirements for different platforms. Adobe Premiere Pro CC offers built-in tools within its render engine to streamline this process. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to effectively reduce file size in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Reduce the Size in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Examine Current Out Settings

1. Create or Open a Sequence: Whether starting a new project or working with an existing one, begin by importing footage. We recommend using Envato Elements for a vast selection of high-quality stock footage.

2. Navigate to the Export Tab: Access the Export Tab to initiate the file size optimization process.

3. Check the Preset: Examine the Preset, usually set to Match Source – Adaptive High. This default setting can be adjusted based on your specific requirements.

Adjust Settings to Reduce Size

4. Configure Bitrate Settings: Under the Video tab, focus on the Bitrate settings. Pay special attention to the Target Bitrate, as tweaking it can significantly impact the output file size.

5. Adjust Target Bitrate: Scroll the Target Bitrate up or down to achieve the desired file size. Factors like resolution play a role; for instance, 4k videos may need a bitrate of 20MB/s or higher, while 1080p can go below this threshold.

6. Consider Resolution Reduction: To further reduce file size, contemplate lowering the video resolution. If 4k isn’t necessary, downsizing to 1080p can make a substantial difference.

7. Look at Export Format: The format of the export also plays a large role in the file size. To reduce the file size, look for a compressed output file. Something like mp4 or h.264 can be great for small file sizes. Other file types like AVCHD can produce extremely large file sizes. These are best used if you want to move the production between different workflow steps.

What does Adobe Recommend?

Adobe themselves have an article on this as well. It incorporates the same ideas as above, however it suggests you turn on VBR 2 pass, and keep the bitrate between 2 and 5. I think this is a great idea if uploading to a platform like YouTube. However, if you want to keep the quality higher, be a bit wary of this approach, as it is going to noticeably reduce the quality as well!

There we have it, a quick way to reduce the file size of a video in Premiere Pro. This isn’t an exact science, and will take a few passes to get right. You will need to export and see if you accept the current quality of the footage vs the output size. If you can’t up the bitrate a touch and keep working at it.

If you have any questions or comments, leave a comment below, or on the video itself!



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