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How to Reduce File Size in Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2023)

File size is an important aspect of exporting a video. Depending on where it needs to be sent, the file size should be very different. A professional final product should be a lot larger than an upload to YouTube. Adobe Premiere has the tools to accomplish this built into it’s render engine. Today I will show you how to reduce file size in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Reduce the Size in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

  1. Create a sequence or open up a sequence that has already been created. I imported some footage from Envato Elements, a great subscription based service to download a near unlimited amount of stock footage.
  2. Go to the Export Tab.
  3. Look at the Preset, most times its set to Match Source – Adaptive High.
  4. Go down to the Video tab, and look at the Bitrate settings.
  5. Look at the Target Bitrate. Scrolling it up and down will affect the output file size.
  6. Look to half it down a bit. This will depend on the resolution of the output file. 4k will need to be 20MB/s or higher, while a 1080P can go below this mark.
  7. You can also look to reduce the file resolution size to reduce the file size. So if you don’t need 4k, reduce down to 1080p to reduce the file size.

There we have it, a quick way to reduce the file size of a video in Premiere Pro. This isn’t an exact science, and will take a few passes to get right. You will need to export and see if you accept the current quality of the footage vs the output size. If you can’t up the bitrate a touch and keep working at it.

If you have any questions or comments, leave a comment below, or on the video itself!



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