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How to Reduce Grain in Premiere Pro CC 2017 without Plugins

Learn how to Reduce Grain in Premiere Pro CC
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One of the most frustrating things to have in a piece of footage is grain. With its random and continuous bursts of color, it can make any video look and feel unprofessional.

In today’s Premiere Pro tutorial, we are going to be going over how to reduce grain in Premiere Pro without Plugins. Now, this isn’t a miracle technique. Grain removal is a very intense process. It usually requires a lot of CPU power due to its high mathematical calculations.

If it is essential to remove as much grain as possible for a professional piece of footage, I would recommend sending your footage to Adobe After Effects as detailed in this article, or looking for a plugin to do the work like NeatVideo.

How to Remove Grain in Premiere Pro CC without any Plugins

  1. Grab the footage and find the areas that have grain.
  2. Go to the effects panel, navigate to Noise & Grain -> Median, then drag this effect on to your footage.
  3. Navigate up to the “Effects Controls” panel. Make sure your footage that you dragged the “Median” effect on to is selected. Scroll down to the effect, then click on one of the mask buttons to create a mask. Create as many masks as you would like.
  4. Once you have the masks set. Make sure to feather up to about 100px on each mask.
  5. Now go to the bottom and adjust the radius to dial in the amount of noise removal that you want.

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