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How to Remove Black Background in Premiere Pro CC (2022)

Assets are a great way to add to your production in Premiere Pro. They are elements and layers that can be used to build out the world in your scene. An explosion, falling snow, or text graphics are all examples of graphics. However, most of the time, these assets don’t come transparent. This means if you try adding them to your scene, they will have a black background that will block most of your shot. Today I am going to show you how to remove that black background in Premiere Pro CC!

Removing Black Background in Premiere Pro Tutorial

Quick Background Removal

  1. First import the asset into the scene you are working with. I found some assets on Envato Elements, a great subscription based service with unlimited amounts of stock footage.
  2. Click on your imported asset.
  3. Go up to Effect Controls and scroll down to find Blend Mode.
  4. Change the blend mode to Screen. The black background should be gone.

Advanced Background Removal

  1. Copy steps 1 & 2 from above.
  2. Go to the Effects tab and find the Luma Key effect. This is under Video Effects->Keying->Luma Key.
  3. Drag this effect onto your footage.
  4. Go to Effect Controls and find the Luma Key effect. Change the offset value to make sure you don’t have any gray light bleeding through.
  5. Once you have this effect, then find the Blend Mode effect and switch it to screen.
  6. Play with the combination of the Luma Key and the Blend Mode effects. Combining them will most of the time give you the greatest outcome.

That’s how you quickly remove a black background. This is something to have memorized as you will encounter the need to use this solution multiple times a week while editing.

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