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How to Replace Footage in Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2018)

Learn how to replace footage in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.
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Sometimes while editing, you want to know how to swap between clips in an edit. Maybe you have multiple takes, or just a bunch of different clips that fit different moods. Instead of deleting and replacing, there is a quicker way. Today I am going to show you how to replace footage in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

How to Replace Footage in Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2018)

Replace Individual Pieces

  1. Create your sequence and edit any way you want.
  2. Go to your project manager where you keep all of your footage.
  3. Click on the footage, hold down the alt key, and then drag the footage over to your timeline.
  4. Drop selected footage onto the footage in the timeline you want to replace.
  5. You will replace the clip perfectly.
  6. Be cautious, the effects will transfer as well.

Replace Entire Piece of Footage

  1. Create your sequence with a piece of footage that has a bunch of cuts throughout.
  2. Go find that footage in your project manager.
  3. Right click on it, and hit ‘Replace Footage’.
  4. Find the piece you want to replace and hit okay.
  5. The entire footage will be replaced. So if it’s cut up in 20 different places on the timeline, 20 different pieces will be replaced.

That’s how to quickly replace footage in Adobe Premiere Pro. Premiere gives you a couple of different tools to make this as painless as possible. Just hold the alt key, or use the replace footage command in the project manager and you are on your way!

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If you have any questions or comments, let me know below or on the video!

One Comment

  • Michael D Dempsey says:

    My unique situation is that during COVID we remotely shot King Lear with 25 different people around the country, all with their own cameras and green screens. So as I edit a scene, I choose material from various takes and razor multiple takes up like crazy to get the performances put together.

    But now I have to use After Effects for compositing, effects, backgrounds, etc. I will be replacing the exported AE version of the footage, but because I had so many little cuts it was impossible (I think) to set in and out points at multiple places in one Take. So Replace footage does replace all the footage where it is, but not at the same time code, it’s always at the start.

    Is there an easier way? I guess I could make multiple duplicates of the takes, each with their own in and out points, but that seems massive, especially in scenes with 8-10 people.

    Should I choose the basic takes I know I’m going to use and do all the compositing/effects in AE first, then import it into Premiere and chop it up on the timeline? I’m worried about setting something in stone with AE and then finding it doesn’t work dramatically and needs changed.

    Every tutorial about replacing footage is geared for people who want to replace one clip with a different clip, not the “same” clip which has been rendered out from AE. I don’t think “replace with AE comp” helps either, right? We’re talking a 2-hour movie with massive amounts of little shots, reaction shots, etc.

    I’m at my wits end and really need a solution — this is going online for free as a service to the public during this tough time, and it’s hard enough to key and try to color match 25 different cameras from literally all over the US and two other countries.

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