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How To Shoot Cinematic Video With A SMARTPHONE

Learn how to shoot cinematic footage with a smartphone.
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Smartphone cameras have come a long way. The higher end smartphones now rival lower end video cameras. This means that the best camera in the house, might actually be your phone.

They say not everyone with a camera is a director, but we say that everyone with a smartphone can be one…you only need to know how to shoot cinematic videos with a smartphone.

How to Shoot Cinematic Video with a Smartphone

Prepare Before You Shoot

Get your hands on a device that has a decent camera. The latest devices from Apple and Samsung can shoot high quality videos. You can also for other companies for as long as they offer good results.

Make sure to set your phone to 24 frames per second. You can also get a stabilizer. If you still do not like the result then consider adding different lenses.

Next, choose a location that offers good shots. Roam around and be clear about what you wish to include in the shot before you start.

Only Move When You Need To

Find the right location to shoot. Depending on how you want your scene to appear, some angles may be friendlier than others.

Once you’ve found your ideal shot, you need to make sure your hand remains steady. It is best to hold your camera with four fingers and move just your hand when you want a moving shot instead of moving your entire body. Otherwise, you will not be able to get good shots.

Try Everything Your Phone Has to Offer

Today’s phones are very powerful. Based on the phone you have, you may be able to shoot in different modes including slow motion. Do not use filters while shooting the original video – unless absolutely necessary – as you can do this during the editing.

Editing The Footage

It’s best to stick to a tool like Final Cut Pro since it’s easy to use and very quick as well. Since you may have shot multiple videos, first choose the one you want to work on then import it.

Next, cut the portions that you do not need. Join all the videos and export the output in your required format.

Done, you have the footage. You can make more changes such as add audio, etc.


There you have it. The process is similar to that of a real camera, and you can get some amazing results!

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