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How to Use Graduated Filters in Lightroom

Learn about How to Use Graduated Filters in Lightroom
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When they say Lightroom can make anyone look like a professional photographer… They’re not wrong!

Lightroom offers some amazing features and benefits with the help of filters such as Graduated filters. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to use Graduated Filters and what they can do for your image!

Let’s get started:

  1. First, import the image that you wish to work on!
  2. Next, go to the Develop module and look at the Basic section. Here, you will be able to change different aspects of the image including Temp, Tint, and Exposure. We’ve covered how to use this section in our EDITING Natural Light Portraits in Lightroom | Light and Airy Photography Tutorial guide
  3. You will notice that slight movement might cause your entire image to change (which may not be what you want). At times, we want to work on just one specific section of an image. This is when Graduated Filters come into play! 
  4. You will find Graduated Filters on the right sidebar in the Develop module. Click on the small icon and it will show you a drop down section that gives you more control, i.e: the power to work on certain parts of an image. This is very similar to the Basic section!
  5. Select the section of the image that you want to work on by clicking and dragging the cursor. Here you can make changes by playing with the slider.
  6. There are two lines on the screen that help you decide how subtle you want the transition to be. If you want them to be harsh then keep the lines closer, if you want them to be smooth then keep them a little far. Moreover, the lines can be rotated as well!
  7. Pressing Delete will remove the effect.

This simple but powerful filter can be a useful tool when enhancing images!

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