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How to Use Guides in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Learn to use guides in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Premiere Pro has finally joined the ranks of it’s fellow Adobe software. It has added the ability to add guides onto the preview window. These guides will allow you to line up assets with one another across different clips. For this, you need to be running at least update 13.1.2 to get these benefits. To check, go up to help->About Premiere Pro to see your version. If you don’t have this version and can’t update, then check out my previous tutorial here. Today we go over how to use guides in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

How to Use Guides in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

  1. Create a sequence or navigate to an already created sequence.
  2. Click on the Program Monitor panel. (The main one that shows the current edit)
  3. Go up to view, and click on Show Rulers. This will turn on the rulers for the Program Monitor.
  4. Go back up to View, and click on Show Guides. This will turn the guides on.
  5. To create a guide, go to the rule on either side, click, and then drag onto the footage. (You can also use View->Add Guide to make them more precise)
  6. If you want to save your guides as a template, go up to View->Guide Templates-> Save Guides as Template.
  7. To activate a saved template, go to View->Guide Templates->”nameOfTemplate”.

There you have it, it’s now just that easy. No longer do you have to create them yourselves by drawing lines or creating a grid in the background. Now you have the ability to create guides just like the rest of Adobe’s software.

If you have any questions, let me know below, or on the video itself!



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