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Lightroom Tutorial: Tips Worth Knowing

Learn some tips to help improve your workflow in Lightroom!

Lightroom is the go-to option for those who want to work on photos and enhance outputs. It’s hugely popular among professional photographers and hobbyists since it’s effective and easy to use.

Whether you’re a Lightroom pro or not, here are some tips that’ll make it fun to use the app.

Consider Import Presets

In one of the previous blogs, we talked about presets and their importance. It’s common for users to import photos to Lightroom without paying attention to this factor, as a result images lose their true feel and often end up without valuable information such as metadata.

If having to change presets sound too much trouble then there’s good news for you. Lightroom lets you save preset settings that you can apply to every photo you import in the future.

So, check out our How to Import Photos to Lightroom guide.

Consider Creating Smart Collections

Go through the software’s Library module and know more about Collections, a name for virtual folders that make it easier to sort images.

We love to click photos and can often end up with thousands of them that can be difficult to manage if they’re not properly organized.

Collections do the job for you as they let you put images that belong to one day/event/trip into specific folders for easier access.

Click New Smart Collection found in the Library menu and select the parameters according to your preference.

Any image that meets your defined requirements will automatically get placed in the folder you’ve created.

Save Time with Smart Previews

Editing photos can be a time-consuming process. You will have to edit and re-edit photos in order to reach your desired results. The best way to speed it up and save time is to use Smart Previews.

This option disconnect forces the software to use previews before going to the original file. You will get to save only a few seconds per attempt but it can make a lot of difference when you’re editing images throughout the day.



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