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How to Match Frames in Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2017)

Learn how to match frames in Adobe Premiere Pro CC
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Sometimes it is helpful to be able to find the frame you are looking at in the timeline on your source panel and sometimes vice versa. In this quick tutorial, we will be matching frames.

How to Match Frames in Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2017)

Timeline to Source Monitor

  1. Move your timeline to the point where you wish to match the frames.
  2. Go up to Sequence->Match Frame (F)
  3. The source monitor will update with the video and exact frame at which you hit the Match Frame key

Source Monitor to Timeline

  1. Move up to the source monitor and find a point within the start and end frames.
  2. Go up to Sequence->Reverse Match Frame(Shift+R)
  3. The timeline will jump to the point on your source monitor. Remember that frame needs to actually be on your timeline for it to jump to that position. This is also a good way to check to see if a particular piece of footage is on your timeline anywhere.


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