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Proxy Edit in Premiere Pro CC (2018)

Learn to Proxy Edit in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.
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4K footage has become all the rage with cameras becoming cheaper and cheaper. The problem many people overlook while shooting with 4K though is the editing process. A decently strong processor/video card blend is needed to edit these massive clips in real time. When effects like blur or stabilization are applied, it can take seconds to render one frame. This brings the editing process to a snails pace, as we sit around and wait for our editing software to catch up.

Luckily, Premiere Pro has a way to edit these 4K pieces in near real time. It’s a switch sort of tactic called “proxy editing”. What you do is have premiere pro create 1080p temporary files. You then create the edit just like normal. Then, during the render process, Premiere Pro takes the original 4K footage and swaps it in. So you get both the quality of the 4K footage, as well as the speed of editing lower quality footage. Today, we talk about How to Proxy Edit in Premiere Pro CC.

How to Proxy Edit in Premiere Pro CC (2018)

  1. Create new project, go to ingest settings.
  2. Check the checkbox next to ingest.
  3. Next to Ingest, drop down the menu and select “Create Proxies”
  4. In the preset, goto 1280×720 GroPro CineForm, (or really anything that works for you)
  5. Set proxy destination to Same as Project.
  6. Click OK, now the project is ready to go.
  7. Navigate to Media Browser, locate media file, right click and import
  8. Media encoder will open to render and ingest the files (all named proxy)
  9. Navigate to editing tab, Project, and drag footage over to create a timeline
  10. If footage beings to lag – click on the toggle proxies button (to find button, click on plus sign and add toggle proxies symbol)
  11. File, export, media – it won’t export with proxies (it will be original footage)

And there you have it. You can now create proxy files automatically. Premiere Pro is great in the sense it does most of the work for you. Let me know in the comments below or on the video if you have any questions.

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  • Scott Curts says:

    I’m enjoying your videos and tutorials. Thanks for all your work.

    Quick question:
    Where can I find the GoPro Cineform Codec?

  • Preston Carruthers says:

    Thank-You for the quick run down!

  • Malcolm says:

    The minute you render or export a proxy file, Adobe switches to the hi-res 4K file. But what if you want to export the proxy version, or render the proxy version? There has to be a way to do this. If I’m editing a piece and my proxies have a LUT applied and the original 4K footage is flat, and I need to screen a cut somewhere, I don’t want to be exporting the uncorrected 4K version, I want to export the LUT-applied proxies. If I have blue screen footage and I drop in a quick key, I want to be able to watch my cut with the quick key applied- instead, even if I’m supposedly viewing proxies, Premiere gives me the original 4K footage for that one rendered shot- so now I have a sequence where every clip has the LUT applied EXCEPT the 4K shot. This is crazy! Am I missing something? Thanks!

    • Jim says:

      Hey Malcolm, apply your LUTs via an adjustment layer instead of to the clip itself. When it exports, it’ll apply the effects.

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  • Sara Aurorae says:

    Hey there. Once you actually edit using proxies, and then upgrade Premier Pro CC or change computers, how can you ensure that after you have edited various parts of the video file the proxies will remain attached? I changed computers and the pre-edited files I have worked on are lagging that clearly is indicative of no proxies, meaning I need to find and attach them again, but the issue here is that I have edited and that is ALOT of various clips I need to go through. Any easy way out of that?

  • Tiffany Warren says:

    No one seems to be having this trouble but me, but for some reason when I render, it the clips are all screwed up. Garbled, out of sync, not the cuts I made. Any idea why?

  • Marc Martinez says:

    I am wondering if clips that are linked and renamed can be proxied? Does this create a pathway problem?

  • Andrew says:

    Thanks for this Adobemasters, definitely helps a lot when working with choppy 4K video footages!

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