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Create a Mirror Effect in Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2018)

Learn how to create the Mirror Effect in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Today we go over a fun effect to add a little bit of style to your videos. The mirror effect is a great effect to use for things like music videos and montages. With Premiere Pro its also really easy to create. Today we go over the Mirror Effect in Premiere Pro CC.

How to Create the Mirror Effect in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

  1. Create a new sequence and drag in your footage to the sequence.
  2. Go in to the effects and search for “flip” This will bring up two options under the Video Effects->Transform section.
  3. You have two choices, vertical and horizontal flip. Choose whichever one you want to use, drag it on to your footage.
  4. Select the piece of footage, then go up to the “Effect Control” panel. Go over to the left and find “Vertical Flip” (Or Horizontal Flip if you used the horizontal)
  5. Click square right beneath it’s name to create your mask.
  6. Now drag the mask so that it stretches across the middle and covers half the screen. (Middle horizontal if you are using Vertical Flip. Middle Vertical if you are using the Horizontal Flip. )
  7. Now go back to the mask settings and adjust the feather to around 10 or so. Adjust until it looks good.
  8. There you have it, you have created a mirror effect in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

And it’s that easy. All you really need to create is the mask. Once you have dragged the flip on to the footage, create a mask so it’s only half, and you are good to go!

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