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Mastering the Art of Blur: A Comprehensive Guide on How to Blur in Premiere Pro CC

Learn how to Blur in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Blurring is a versatile tool in video editing, allowing you to introduce mystery, suspense, or ensure legal compliance. Adobe Premiere Pro CC provides various methods to achieve the perfect blur, whether you’re looking to apply a full-screen blur or selectively blur a specific object. In today’s guide, we’ll explore the ins and outs of how to effectively blur in Premiere Pro CC.

How to Blur in Premiere Pro CC

Full Page Blur

  1. Import and Open Footage:
    • Start by importing your footage into Premiere Pro. Consider using high-quality stock footage from platforms like Envato Elements.
  2. Apply Full Page Blur:
    • Navigate to Effects -> Video Effects -> Blur & Sharpen. Choose from the array of available blurs; for instance, you can use Camera Blur for a realistic effect.
    • Drag the selected blur onto your footage.
  3. Adjust Blur Amount:
    • Access Effect Controls and increase the blur amount to achieve the desired full-page blur.
    • To add dynamic movement, click the stopwatch next to the blur amount, and adjust the values over time.

Item Blur

  1. Import and Open Footage:
    • Import the footage you wish to work with, and once again, consider utilizing Envato Elements for a diverse selection of stock footage.
  2. Apply Item Blur:
    • Go to Effects -> Video Effects -> Blur & Sharpen. This time, choose Gaussian Blur.
    • Drag the Gaussian Blur effect onto your footage.
  3. Create and Animate Mask:
    • Access Effect Controls.
    • Use the mask tool to draw a mask around the object you want to blur.
    • Animate the mask by adjusting the mask path over time, ensuring it tracks the movement of the object. Intervene as needed to maintain precise control.

There you have it—a comprehensive guide on how to blur in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. The simplicity of these techniques allows you to experiment and combine them, creating diverse and captivating effects for your productions. Don’t hesitate to explore the various blur options and their applications.

For any questions or insights, share your thoughts in the comments below or on the accompanying video. Dive into the world of creative blurring and elevate your video editing skills!



  1. Hi there! I am new to using premiere pro and I can’t seem to find Camera Blur in Blur & Sharpen and knew if you had any idea to why. Thank you!


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