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How to Blur in Premiere Pro CC

Learn how to Blur in Adobe Premiere Pro CC
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Blurring is important when editing videos. It can create mystery, suspense, or help keep things legal. Premiere Pro has many different ways to accomplish this blur. We will be going over a full screen blur, as well as blurring an object. Today we learn how to blur in Premiere Pro CC.

How to Blur in Premiere Pro CC

Full Page Blur

  1. Open footage, and import it. I personally used a piece of stock footage from the insanely awesome Envato Elements.
  2. Go to Effects->Video Effects-> Blur & Sharpen. Choose on the many blurs in here. I used camera blur.
  3. Drag the blur onto your footage.
  4. Go to Effect Controls, and increase the blur amount.
  5. If you want to animate the blur, go to the stopwatch, click it, and adjust the values over time.

Item Blur

  1. Open footage and import it. I again used the awesome Envato Elements to find a piece of stock footage that would work.
  2. Go to Effects->Video Effects -> Blur & Sharpen. Choose the Gaussian Blur.
  3. Drag the blur onto your footage.
  4. Go to Effect Controls.
  5. Use the mask tool to create a mask around the object you wish to blur.
  6. Once the mask is created, use the buttons on the mask path to animate the mask forward, tracking the object. You may have to intervene to make sure the mask stays where you want it to go.

There you have it, how to blur in Adobe Premiere Pro. It’s simple, and can be combined to create some really fun and amazing different effects. Use it in your next production. Don’t be afraid to play around with it to learn what all the different blurs do, and their best uses.

If you have any questions or comments, let me know in the comments below, or on the video itself. I will try to get back to you as soon as possible to help!

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  • Kristen says:

    I am trying to blur student names in a presentation video I am giving at my school to protect student data. The area moves over time and cannot be tracked like a face would. Essentially, I need rectangles blurred in some areas and then to stop, and then be able to add other rectangles for a different part of the video, since some of the data is shown horizontally and then later in the video, it is vertically. Whenever I try to adjust the shape of the blur, it changes it for the entire video. How can I start and end multiple blurs in the same video?

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