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How to Create a Color Text Transition in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019

Learn how to create a Color Text Transition in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Different ways of transitioning will create different moods. Some transitions are happy, some sad, some mysterious. Today, I am going to show one that adds a little bit of fun energy to the edit. It adds a bunch of color, and also reveals some helpful information. We go over how to create a color text transition in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

How to Create a Color Text Transition in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Create Background

  1. Go up to Graphics->New Layer->Rectangle.
  2. Drag the rectangle to the top left, and then drag it out to cover the entire view window.
  3. Go to Effect Controls. Find the shape layer.
  4. Go to Fill and change it to whatever color you want.

Add Text

  1. Firstly, click on the text tool.
  2. Afterwards, select on the graphics layer. Make sure you have this layer selected.
  3. Click in the preview panel to begin typing text.
  4. Find the Essential Graphics panel. (Window->Essential Graphics)
  5. Click on the text layer within the Essential Graphics panel.
  6. Go to the text section and change the text to be center aligned.
  7. Go down to Align and Transform, and click on the Horizontal Center, and Vertical Center buttons.

Animate the Shape

  1. Go to Effect Controls and find the shape layer.
  2. Go to the beginning of the graphics layer.
  3. Find appearance in the Effect Controls and click the stopwatch. Animation is now enabled.
  4. Move forward about 10 frames.
  5. Click on the fill and change the color. Tip: Don’t move the circle, only the right side color bar. This will ensure a color palette which is relatively the same)
  6. Repeat this process 5 or so more times.

Export for Re-use

  1. Right click on the graphics layer within the timeline.
  2. Go to Export As Motion Graphics Template.
  3. Name it and click OK.
  4. It’s now in the My Templates portion of the Essential Graphics panel.

Quickly Change Colors

  1. To quickly change the color, go to effect->Color Balance HLS. Drag that onto the graphics layer.
  2. Go to the Effect Controls, and find the effect.
  3. Drag the Hue value in any direction and every color will change.
  4. You can also drag the Lightness and Saturation values to effect the colors as a whole.

Now you have a fun transition you can drag and drop into your edit anytime. It’s quick to add, and quick to edit!

If you have any questions or comments, let me know below or on the video itself!

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