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How to Create a Heartbeat Effect in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Learn to create a heartbeat effect in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.
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There are a bunch of different effects you can pull off in Premiere Pro with a little bit of creativity. Once such effect is the heartbeat effect. This effect gives the illusion of a strong heartbeat over footage. Today I show you how to create a heartbeat effect in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

How to Create a Heartbeat Effect in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Part 1: Animation

  1. Create a sequence, or navigate to a point where you want to apply the effect.
  2. Create a new adjustment layer and drag it into the sequence.
  3. Search for the Transform effect and drag it on to your adjustment layer.
  4. Click on the adjustment layer, then go up to effect controls.
  5. Go down to the transform effect, look for scale.
  6. We want to click on the stopwatch to begin an animation.
  7. Move forward two frames, adjust up to 105. Move two more frames forward and back down to 100.
  8. Then move forward two more frames, and adjust to 110, then 2 more frames and adjust down to 100.
  9. Now, uncheck the use composition shutter angle box at the bottom of the effect.
  10. Then go to the shutter angle and drag it up to 360.
  11. Go to the end of the effect and trim the back end off the adjustment layer.
  12. The general animation of the heartbeat should now be created.

Part 2: Color Grading

  1. Go to effects and add Tint to the adjustment layer.
  2. In effect controls find the tint effect. Grab the Map White To and change that to red.
  3. Now go to the beginning of the heartbeat animation. Click on the stopwatch next to Amount to Tint.
  4. Move forward to the middle of the animation, bring up the Amount to Tint to about 15-30%.
  5. Then move to the end of the animation and bring it all the way down.
  6. We now have a full heartbeat animation.
  7. Copy and paste this by doubling a bunch of times to create the effect over the entire sequence.

With that, you have a heartbeat effect that you can use to display stress, or high physical activity.

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below, or on the video itself!

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